Hot Rod Garage apparel

Bad Ass Hot Rod T-Shirts  | Victoria BC | Canada | Phone: 250.294.3950

Hot Rod Garage Apparel caters to men, women and children of all ages. You'll also find head-wear to complete your look as well as various novelties. 

Enjoy!  Playtime Never Ends.

Rat Rod Tee - 1947 Ford White and Black Short Sleeve

Hot Rod T Shirt - Finish Faster - Black Short Sleeve

Hell-Short Sleeve pocket Tee

Hot Rod Long Sleeve Tee

Blown-Short sleeve shirt

Hot Rod Tee - Motorhead - Short sleeve Tee

Hot Rod Tee - Good Rubbers - White short sleeve

Hot Rod Tee - Wheelie 

Hot Rod tee - Tool Cleaner - Black Short Sleeve

Hot Rod Tee Short Sleeve tee

Hot Rod Tee - PIPES short sleeve

Hot Rod Tee - Rat Race - Charcoal Grey

Rat Rod Tee -Rat Race-Short sleeve tee

Body Shop - Hot Rod Mechanic Shirt

Hot Rod Tee - American Classics - Black Short Sleeve

Service Station -Short sleeve mechanics hot rod shirt

Hot Rod Tee - Service Station - Navy short sleeve

Hot Rod T shirt or Tank Top - Shift Happens - Black

Hot Rod Tee - Shifty - Short sleeve tee

Hot Rod Jacket -Worker

Rat Rod Tee - Zombie - Black Short Sleeve